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Summerville - The Coves

We're back with another blank canvas to work with.  We're giving this yard the ultimate makeover with a new composite deck, large patio area that will one day hold a hot tub as well as a second area for a gas fire pit and seating wall.  Of course we could never forget to beautify it with lots of plants!



We marked out our space and got right to work.  The first day typically is used for setting up.  We bring in all the equipment, triple check all our original measurements, use the laser level to mark out our elevations and dig depths.


Base Prep

We dug out the holes for the concrete footings that will hold our deck posts and while we waiting for the city inspection, we move onto all things hardscape. This means getting any grass out of the way before we starting really honing in our subgrade levels so we have a nice clean slate to work with. 

The wall

This particular wall will wrap around the patio that will eventually have a gas fire pit insert in the center.  For our walls, outdoor kitchens, and other structures, we pour a rebar reinforced concrete footing to build on.  For us this is a huge time saver because we know we are working on a solid level base to start... meaning we don't have to level individual wall blocks while building, we can just stack away!


Deck Footings

Before we can pour the concrete footings, the city must come out and inspect the holes.  Berkely County requires a minimum 2'x2' wide hole measuring a minimum of 12" below grade.  Of course we build to last so we'll make sure to exceed standards.

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